Nada Acupuncture and Live Sound Healing


Every third Wednesday of the month in Tampa, with Dr. Mike Pagani and sound healing by Eluv.

NADA –is also the acronym for the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association using auricular therapy treated on the ears. Patients treated with the NADA protocol often report an improved sense of well-being. Clients often state that they feel “energized,” “lighter” and “more relaxed” after undergoing a session.

Acupuncture combined with Sound Healing is an extremely powerful modality. Sound Healing with the Crystal Bowls allows the listener to access, Alpha, Theta, and Delta brain states, where the body is highly receptive to healing and deep relaxation, where transformation and inner peace are accessed.

The points used in the NADA protocol are Sympathetic, Shen Men, Kidney, Liver, and Lung. The Shen Men, a well-known ear point, produces a sensation of deep and inspiring relaxation. Other points added are based on pain resistance, sensitivity, and other clinical factors. This session is profoundly healing for the spirit , mind and body and highly recommended on a regular basis for overall well-being, and deep healing.

Dr Mike Pagani and Eluv bring you this combination which accelerates and further enhances the healing process.

Acupuncture and Sound Healing are great for:
Pain, Headaches, Anxiety, Stress, Digestive Issue, Insomnia, PMS, Detox, Addiction, Stiffness, Meditation, Relaxation, Improving Immune System, Allergies, and much more.

Wear comfortable clothes and bring yoga mat,.and something warm to cover you body.

Also recommend eye pillow or sleeping mask and water.

Please register in advance as space is limited.

Energy Exchange $45 per person

Raydiance Helio Spa & Wellness Center

120 S. Howard Ave,
Tampa, Florida 33606
Ph: (813) 258-0458

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