Ultrasounds Thanksgiving Radio show with Eluv, is dedicated to “Animal Appreciation”


I have a weekly music radio show here in Tampa on 88.5FM every Thursday night called “Ultrasounds”. Being Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, every year on Thanksgiving the show is dedicated to “Animal Appreciation”. To help celebrate and

honor our animal friends, we have an interview with someone working to help animals in a unique way.

Dj’ing at the radio station is a volunteer position, and I’m very grateful to be able to share positive uplifting music and interviews with others on a weekly basis, but on Thanksgiving it’s even more special because of the wave of gratitude of so many people giving thanks in our world on this day, totally fills the air with love. Doing the show on Thanksgiving always makes my heart happy and thankful.

Tonight my guest is Dr Darla Rewers a licensed veterinarian certified in veterinary acupuncture, practicing alternative therapies on domestic and exotic species. She is founder of Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary Acupuncture Services in Seattle WA.
Darla uses acupuncture, herbs, massage and healing to create an overall natural treatment plan for your pet. She also teaches Qi Gong and art meditation to humans to help them help both their pets’ and their well being.
Dr Rewers will be speaking with us about an alternative approach to animal care & reducing stress, and will take us through a special grounding meditation.

Sue Pike-The Animal Talker from NY is also a regular guest on the show, and she has channeled messages from the Sea Lion and Walrus which I will also read on air tonight.

If anyone wants to listen live online 11pm-1am (EST) tonight
11/22/12…Also”Ultrasounds”show will be online for people to listen anytime, until it gets replaced with the new show the following week.


Please join me here on my page…

Peace, Love and Blessings to all.

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