Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing with Eluv – March Events 2013


March 5th
12.50 pm -1.50 pm & 2 pm -3pm

Sound Healing Class and Crystal Singing Bowl Concert
@ Gates High School, North Tampa (8th Grade On Campus/ Closed to public)

March 12th


Eluv Live DJ Set at Whole Foods
1548 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa, FL 33607

WMNF Community radio day at Whole Foods! WMNF will be at Whole Foods on South Dale Mabry again on Tuesday, March 15, from 9am-9pm. We will have our djs out there playing music the entire day! Whole foods is donating 5% of all $$ spent goes to your community radio station.


Sunday March 17th


Join me for a rejuvenating Crystal Singing Bowl Sound healing for optimal energy alignment and healing.

This event is all about “receiving”. As we “receive” we are able to give more fully of ourselves in turn. This in itself is immensely healing and balancing.  Aromatherapy and flower essence therapy is also implemented during the crystal sound journeys.  Come and receive Crystal Bowl Sound Healing by candlelight

We will conclude the event with sacred mantra.  Feel free to join in, or simply sit and enjoy.

Location: Yogani Studios
1112 W. Platt Street
Tampa, FL 33606

Energy Exchange:
$25 pre pay


Wednesday March 20th
7:00 – 9:00pm

Chill Lounge Restorative Yoga w Micheline Berry & live music by Eluv

Location: Yogani Studios
1112 W. Platt Street
Tampa, FL 33606

Energy Exchange:
$35 pre pay

Please see workshops for further details and sign up details for this particular event.


Sunday, March 24
1-5 pm

Health, Healing and Reduction of Karma Mini Workshop w/ Satyabhama

Satyabhama/Margalo Ashley-Farrand will present a mini version of Namadeva Acharya/Thomas Ashley-Farrand’s workshop on Health, Healing and Reduction of Karma

In spiritual circles we often hear, “everything is karma.” But we don’t think about it much until or unless something unpleasant happens. Then it’s all we can think about. Health problems, a streak of unfortunate incidents, the dissolution of happy life conditions, job-related problems, relationship problems, living condition difficulties – the list can seem endless. What can be done?

Both Western and Vedic astrologers can project periods when hindering planetary conditions – a part of Prarabdha Karma – have great power. The planets may be unleashing or triggering conditions that change everything. How can these undesirable conditions be ameliorated?

In both Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism there are techniques that can soften karma and even heal conditions. There are meditation techniques, breathing exercises (pranayama) and mantras that can affect health problems specifically and karma in general.

Satyabhama will combine teaching, mantra practice and breathing exercises into a powerful workshop that will give you tools you can take home and apply anytime.
Attendees will:

Learn and practice planetary mantras for reduction in difficulties associated with planetary influences.
Learn and practice Hanuman mantras to offset karmic difficulties.
Learn and practice mantras for dissolving specific negative conditions.
Practice Dr. Wright’s powerful cleaning out technique.
Practice Tibetan Buddhist mantras for reduction of difficulties.

Attendees will receive a detailed handout and a Mantra CD.

Location: Raydiance Helio Spa & Wellness Center
Address:120 S. Howard Ave,
Tampa, Florida 33606
Energy Exchange: $55





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