Seeking extraordinary support from extraordinary individuals;You:)


Seeking extraordinary support from extraordinary individuals; You:)
This Thursday, June 6th Ultrasounds Radio show will be taking part in WMNF’s Summer Membership Drive. WMNF’s fundraising efforts benefit and enhance the station as a whole by providing an essential and important source of revenue allowing us to stay on the air.

Click here to support Ultrasounds now:

Ultrasounds provides our community and listeners via the web, with special programming that is unique to this show, and cannot be found elsewhere. Ultrasounds positive programming is intended to uplift listeners, while appealing to a broad cross section of demographics and age groups.

Your support is requested right now and is deeply appreciated.

Whether you are a long time supporter of Ultrasounds or a brand new listener/supporter, your support is essential to the continuance of Ultrasounds and WMNF 88.5fm radio station.

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted ~ Aesop

Click here to support Ultrasounds now:

If you would like to contribute monthly/or join the Circle Of Friends and use a credit/debit card for your contributions of $5 or more Please call WMNF 9am -5pm EST at 813-238-8001.

PS When filling out the tax deductible contribution form below, if you wish, please note if you have a special dedication to someone /something on behalf of this contribution.

Deepest thanks and appreciation for all your support for the Ultrasounds Radio show on WMNF. 88.5 fm

Love, Gratitude and Blessings

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