HEALING MUSIC CONCERTS with Eluv ~ May 2015 Events


Healing Music Concert with Eluv at Chi Yoga

Friday May 1st ~ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

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These concerts are an immersion into grace expressed into a tapestry of pure tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls, angelic vocals and sacred mantras, lush harp strings and other beautiful sounds. This music has a harmonizing and deeply relaxing effect on the listener.

Each event is all about “receiving”. Aromatherapy and flower essence therapy is also implemented. Come and receive Crystal Bowl Sound Healing by candlelight. We will conclude the event with sacred mantra. Feel free to join in, or simply sit and enjoy.
Bring your family and friends and share it together!


Wear comfortable clothing, bring water, eye pillow, yoga mat / pillow or  blanket.
You may also bring your favorite crystal or any other stone you would like to positively “charge”

Venue: Chi Yoga
3845 Northdale Blvd
Tampa, FL 33624

Ph:(813) 961-6300


Healing Music Concert with Eluv at Rising Tide International

Saturday May 16th









Register early and SAVE

$20- $30 in advance and $15 with Student ID

Venue: Rising Tide International
5102 Swift Road,
Sarasota FL 34231
phone: (941) 923-7834



Healing Music Concert with Eluv at Yogani Studios

Sunday May 17th ~ 4:30-6pm








Join us for a rejuvenating Healing Music Concert for optimal energy alignment & healing.

Come and receive Sound Healing by candlelight with Eluv’s blissful vocals, Crystal Singing Bowls, and Angel Harps. This event is all about “receiving”. As we “receive” we are able to give more fully of ourselves in turn. This in itself is immensely healing and balancing.

Aromatherapy and flower essence therapy is also implemented. We will conclude the event with sacred mantra. Feel free to join in, or simply sit and enjoy. Bring your family and friends and share it together!

When we interact with crystal, our own crystalline structure is changed into a more harmonic, unified form, which changes brainwave frequencies, allowing the possibility of alterations in our consciousness and physical body to take place. These shifts allow increased clarity and light energy to permeate on all, healing the physical, emotional and spiritual energetic centers.

Location: Yogani Studios

1112 W. Platt Street
Tampa, FL 33606

Energy Exchange:
$25 pre pay





Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Music & Himalayan Salt Therapy with Eluv

Call to Book Session








Experience the combination of Crystal Sound Healing and Himalayan Salt Therapy!

Himalayan Pink Salt Therapy as an alternative natural remedy for respiratory problems. We have a method of inhalation of the purest grade of salt in a day spa-like environment surrounded by crystals of native and authentic Himalayan pink salt. As we are increasingly exposed to pollutants in the air that we breathe, it is no surprise that respiratory and some skin conditions are on the rise. People who have experienced the many health benefits of natural healing solutions of alternative medicine like Himalayan Pink Salt first hand have turned towards these all-natural remedies.

Venue: The Salt Grotto, Himalayan Pink Salt Health Spa
1026 Bloomingdale Ave, Valrico, FL 33596
Ph:(813) 324-8946

Space is limited , register early!!!


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