Radiant Groove with Eluv



Radiant Groove


Pot Luck

Experience Transformational Music and Movement!

Increase your life force energy

Radiant Groove is an experience of freedom, self expression and integration of Spirit through Music, Movement, Dance, Breath, Chanting, with Live Drumming and Crystal Bowl Sound Healing.

Experience this fun and dynamic journey into movement and sound driven by uplifting world music! Empower your mind, body and soul as you embody the energy of each of the Chinese 5 elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water while balancing your chakras with High Frequency Transformational Music and Movement.

We start gently, and build up to a driving rhythmical combination of movement and music, then conclude with a blissful sound journey into a soothing restorative state with crystal singing bowls, and mantra.

Surrender and express yourself into the sound and journey with your heart as the music expands vibrating blissful positive energy within you, leaving you uplifted, clear minded and at peace.
Followed by pot luck…

Please bring covered dish / beverages to share.
Please bring yoga mat & water and a drum if you wish to drum.

We invite you to be creative and wear comfortable or fun clothing that’s easy to move in.

Duration: 1.5 hours

$20 advance $25 at door

Kodawari Yoga Studio
3965 Henderson Blvd,

Tampa, FL 33629

(Behind Dollar Tree)






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