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Flower Essences for Animals

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Flower Essences for Animals


Animals experience the world through an energetic filter, they are super tuned into the energies of every person, animal, place, or circumstance they encounter. They respond energetically to the world around them and are extremely sensitive to external influences of imbalanced energy and human emotions such as anger or fear..

Electrical energies from Wi Fi, cell phones, above or underground electrical grids, TV’s and general household appliances have electrical patterns that can nudge our animal friends out of balance and anxious, sometimes to the point of illness.

The “electrical” energetic patterns of flower essences emanate natures perfect balance, positively helping animals to re-balance and improve the quality of their health and well being.

In nature, animals recognize and forage for plants and flowers with certain patterns of energy to assist them. In our modern age of domesticated animals and often limited resources of natural flowers available, our animal friends do not always have the option to seek out the plants and flower they need to heal themselves.

Animals and flowers share many evolutionary challenges. Flower essences offer animals an ideal way to re balance and heal. They effortlessly replicate the energetic information and patterns of the flower essences, which naturally moves the animal towards greater health.

I have a bunny Shanti (pictured) who occasionally loves to munch on fresh aloe vera straight from the plant. (aloe skin is quite bitter.) As she doesn’t do this every day, she has shown me this plant is medicine for her. Bunnies can suffer from fur blockages in the intestines, so aloe makes sense as it’s extremely versatile in it’s vibrational strengths, helping calm and soothe inflamed tissue and restore health during any illness. The flower essence of aloe allows animals to experience its benefits when it is not available and without the bitterness, as the essence comes directly from the flower and not the leaf. I always have 2 water bottles for Shanti and decided one day to experiment by only putting flower essences in one bottle. Over the years I have learned from Shanti that every single time she will choose water from the water bottle that has flower essences in it, over the water bottle that has none.

Flower Essences can be used by people or animals, providing a natural re-connection back to the master healer…“mother nature”. They can be used internally, in water, in a spray bottle sprayed on fur, dabbed on a paw or an ear, or even sprayed in the air around the animal. I have used every method mentioned, for both people and animals and all of them work wonderfully. They can be used for chronic or acute situations, and used over long periods without side effects.

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Eluv is a Spirit Channeler for people & animals. Implementing Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Ancestral Clearing, Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing, Sacred Songs and Angel Harps.

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Release of our deepest sorrows



Dainty Bess Rose ~ Flower Essence

This flower essence gently supports us to bring deep griefs of sorrow, bitterness and disappointments to the surface and release these burdens, letting them go knowing the grace of an ever present light will dissolve them all away.

This Rose works with an infinitely kind, soft and gentle touch so we never feel shame as we release these burdens. Instead she basks us in an experience of being profoundly loved, supported and nurtured.

At one point or another we all experience these powerful emotions. Because of the intensity of these emotions they are not always fully expressed, and often get buried into the energetic field without being fully released. The residuals of sorrow, bitterness and disappointments remaining can cause imbalances or illness in any area of the body, particularly affecting the lungs or large intestine.

The Lung governs the skin and hair and also governs the exterior Wei Qi (defensive energy~one part of immune system).   The Lung is weakened by the emotion of grief, disappointment or sadness.  Chronic sorrow disperses Qi and causes Lung Qi Deficiency.  A properly functioning Lung organ will ensure good quality skin and hair and an immune system that is strong and able to fight disease. When the Lung is weak,  skin conditions such as eczema, thin or brittle hair can show up, or a lowered immune system and increased vulnerability to catching colds and flu.

Releasing emotions that no longer serve is deeply healing. It frees up our energy so that we may empower and experience ourselves on a higher level.

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