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Consultations with Eluv ~ Channeled Readings, Ancestral Clearing, Essential Oils & Flower Essences


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  • Be at peace with your past
  • Free yourself from past pain & hurt
  • Overcome the source of your anxiety
  • Experience peace of mind, increased confidence & joy
  • Move forward with more grace, peace & harmony


CHANNELED READINGS (Via Phone)  For People or Animal Companions

I channel information in the form of “divine guidance” of the highest order, from angels, archangels, animals, intergalactic, ascended masters, and other spiritual realms with practical answers on personal growth, healing, career, relationships, strengthening your intuition, your next right move and more. These sessions assist with practical information to help guide you through any blocks that may be holding you back from moving forward in your life.

These sessions act like a bridge connecting you with your higher self to support you in transmuting past trauma and events, while helping you open up and expand your gifts, so you can live your highest purpose and potential with peace of mind.

These readings offer clarity to issues you may be struggling with or clarify answers to questions you may have. It has the potential to bring you renewed inspiration, along with clear focus and revitalized energy to move forward with confidence on your path. Often you will receive confirmation on feelings you have about a particular situation, which in turn helps to strengthen your faith and trust in your own abilities and intuition, helping you move forward with more grace, peace and harmony.

No matter what area you are experiencing issues, you can take back your power and move into a present filled with love, joy, awesome vitality, wellness, and live in alignment with your highest path and a peaceful heart.

A Channeled Reading combined with an Essential Oil, Flower Essence, or Ancestral Clearing  consultation (see below) provides strong support for change, transformation and healing.

As humans on this earth we are here to help each other. Everyone requires an objective point of view at some time or another. Together we can help each other be the best that we can be.

During these sessions recommendations may be suggested with your highest good in mind. Following recommendations brings additional support into your life of things you can do to help yourself. You always have free will. Many people find this an invaluable tool. Often these suggestions are very simple, easy to implement and will resonate in a way that will make sense to you.

Taking time to construct and write down your questions in specific format brings maximum benefit from a session. For example instead of asking, “when will I get a job?”, instead ask “What is blocking me from getting a job?” or Is there anything I can do in order to better align my energy with a new job? Sometimes things are working in the ether’s or on other planes before they become fully manifested. Questions that bring focus on the concern in a very specific way also teach us to ask questions that will serve us in the highest way. Questions like “When will I meet the person of my dreams?” will not serve you the same as “Is there anything blocking me from meeting a partner?” or “what aspect of my life would be ideal to work on, in order to attract or align with a new partner?”

It is highly recommended not to drink any alcohol or take any mind-altering substances 24 hours prior to your session.



1.5 Hour ~ Channeled Reading | $235

1 Hour ~ Channeled Reading | $160

30 Minute ~ Channeled Reading | $85

15 Minute ~ Channeled Reading | $55



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~ For People or Animal Companions     

Both Essential Oils and Flower Essences are extremely effective and may be utilized alongside each other, however I recommend starting with one modality, to begin with. This can be beneficial in observing subtle changes or shifts, and experiencing the unique properties and differences between both. Please choose a session with either Essential Oils or Flower Essences.

Essential Oils and Flower Essences provide gentle yet powerful healing for all types of concerns including physical, emotional, and spiritual. Flower Essences are beneficial tools for whenever we feel out of sorts or out of balance. They are like road maps guiding the body’s electrical system to greater balance and healing. With Essential Oils and Flower Essences, the mind is not required to interpret or process any information, thus the body heals much faster as a result of less mental clutter. These gifts of nature provide us with an abundance of healing information in a way that is easily accessible to us on all energetic levels. They gently remind us of our ability to heal from within and help us align with unity and oneness of all that is.

Individual or combination Essential Oils or Flower Essence recommendations are made during this session. 


Essential Oil Recommendations (via email)
Includes a 20 minute phone consultation | $160

Flower Essence Recommendations (via email)
Includes a 20 minute phone consultation | $160

Follow-up Session: to evaluate healing process and create a new essence formula or essential oils when necessary.
Includes a 20 minute phone consultation | $108

(Cost for Essential Oils or Flower Essences is additional)




Channeled Reading, Plus Essential Oil Consultation | $280

Channeled Reading, Plus Flower Essence Consultation | $280


This is a combination of 2 sessions – 45 minute phone Channeled Reading plus Essential Oil or Flower Essence Recommendations via email.







Essential Oils Explained
Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant. If you have ever enjoyed the gift of a rose, a walk by a field of lavender, or the smell of freshly cut mint, you have experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils.

Our sense of smell is our only sense that’s directly tied to the limbic area of the brain; the emotional control center. It is also linked to the formation of memories, behavior, motivation, and long-term memory. When we inhale essential oils they go directly to the brain. Essential oils can lift the mood, calm the senses,and elicit powerful emotional responses. Yet the use of essential oils goes well beyond their fragrant appeal.

Essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their health-promoting properties. Modern trends toward more holistic approaches to self care and growing scientific validation of alternative health practices are driving a rediscovery of the profound health benefits of essential oils. Many have powerful cleansing properties. Their unique chemical structure allows them to deliver targeted benefits through topical application. Certain oils may be used as dietary aids to promote vitality and well-being.

Essential oils are used for a very wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used singly or in complex blends depending on user experience and desired benefit. Essential oils are usually administered by one of three methods: diffused aromatically, applied topically to the skin, or taken internally as dietary supplements. Using essential oils can be both profoundly simple and life changing at the same time. Working with someone who has used essential oils before will help first-time users have a more beneficial and enjoyable experience.

Essential Oils can be used by both people and animals. In nature animals naturally eat and forage plants and flowers for their medicinal and health supporting properties. Essential oils are naturally safe and have few, if any, undesirable side effects when used as directed. They are, however, powerfully concentrated and should be used with care.

Only the purest and most potent essential oils meeting strict standards of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® are recommended.


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Flower Essences Explained 

Flower Essences are energetic tools. They offer us information of an energetic nature. We experience them energetically and use them in our energetic systems, also referred to as our electrical systems.

Because Flower Essences offer their immense healing gifts energetically, there are none of the drawbacks of chemical medicine, yet the same healing information as chemicals can be conveyed.

When we experience the energetics of a Flower, we read and benefit from its problem solving vibration, even as we enjoy its beauty. Flower Essences are simply a more permanent form of this same problem solving data. They make it possible to experience the healing vibrational information of a Flower, even when the Flower is not blooming in our world.

There is no involuntary chemical interaction that may lead to unpleasant side effects. Instead, our electrical systems use the same discerning skills they have always used to decide whether the Flower Essence is something useful or something we don’t need.

Our electrical systems read the data of a Flower Essence much as we might read a road map. If our electrical systems recognize that a Flower Essence offers a problem solving technique for a problem we have, our electrical systems will copy and use this electrical information to solve our problems. Flower Essences are gentle yet they work deeply and powerfully within the body, mind and spirit.

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All sessions are done via phone
Once a session is booked and payment received, the number to ring is emailed to you.

How do I pay for a session?

A PayPal invoice will be sent to you prior to the session. It’s quick and easy. All sessions must be pre-paid.
If you prefer not to do Paypal, you may send a money order, or check. Personal checks must be cleared prior to setting up the session.

Email me at: and I will send you the mailing address.

What if I want to know when something is going to happen, will I receive specific timing information?

Timing is often elusive and things are constantly shifting on different planes, therefore it is not recommended to be attached to timing. Sometimes a shift can occur with a person after a reading that can also affect and change any given timing.

Things to keep in mind…

Something may take time to shift because you are not karmically ready to clear that issue.

*Have water to drink and paper and pen handy during the session.

Set an Intention prior to your session, and write it in a journal or somewhere you can reference it later.

Many times there is a common thread or a core belief running across several concerns. Take a few moments to ascertain the priority concern you would like to work on at this present time.  If you are not sure, we can go over this together in our session.

Most important ~Be Gentle with yourself.  You are a being of Infinite Light.

Love and Bless yourself and all of creation each day, and you will experience your self, and all of creation loving and blessing you right back.

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CHANNELED READINGS (Via Phone)  For Animal Companions

Connecting you with a deeper understanding and bridging the gap between you and your animal friend. 

Learn what the animals in your life are trying to tell you!

Communicating & healing is not limited to humans. Telepathic/Intuitive or psychic communication is the way in which all non-human life communicates. Communicating intuitively with an animal means mentally sending and receiving thoughts,images and emotions. These provide insight into the individual animal from their perspective so you can understand how they are really feeling. Many animals have very strong feelings about their names, food, treats, owners, other pets, toys and yes, the list goes on. Ultimately, animals are here to teach us. Often these lessons are profound, providing blessings and gifts to us.  

Prior to the session: 

A photo of your animal friend is required prior to the session.

Important: Please send photo of animal only in the photo with eyes facing camera.

Please send most recent photo via email prior to your session, along with name and any nicknames you also use.

Your pet does not need to be present during the session, they can also be sleeping or resting.

Please let your animal friend know that Eluv with be speaking with them and asking some questions. Please give them permission to speak freely to me about everything. Let them know you wont be upset at them for doing so as you are wanting to help them. This supports your animal friend to feel safe to speak openly about anything they would like to share and also to get ready. 

Please have a pen and paper handy to write down notes / suggestions during the session.  A glass of water to sip on is also recommended.




Q: My animal has transitioned, can you still speak with them?

A: Yes I can communicate with animals in spirit form.

How many questions may I ask during the session?

15 Minute session =2 or 3 questions

30 Minute session =5 or 6 questions

1 Hour session =6 or 7 questions

Examples of Questions for Animals:

Is my animal friend happy?

Does my animal friend like its name?

Does my animal friend want a companion?

Is my animal friend ready to transition?

Does my animal friend want a assistance with transitioning or do they want to transition naturally?

If an owner is ill or transitioning, does the animal have any messages for the owner, or requests or visa versa.

My animal friend is adopted, is there any information that I can learn that would explain why they act like………?

Is there anything I can do to help my animal friend with……?

Does my animal friend have any messages for me?



1 Hour ~ Channeled Animal Reading | $160   

30 Minute ~ Channeled Animal Reading | $85

15 Minute ~ Channeled Animal Reading | $55
















~ For People or Animal Companions   

Ancestral Clearing is an effective technique to clear burden and limitation, or any other negative patterns that are affecting physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial abundance. Ancestral Clearing assists in renewing and supporting coherence and increased harmony between the heart and mind.

  • Release family patterns that are interfering with abundant health and joy in your life

  • Reveal and dissolve core causes of negative patterns in your ancestral linage

  • Remove known or unknown blocks and patterns existing in families for generations.

In Healing your ancestors’ unresolved patterns, health issues, trauma, emotional issues, and limiting beliefs, it unbinds you from energetic / genetic patterns that have invisibly connected you to them until this point in time. These invisible obstacles once dissolved, can open up infinite new possibilities in life, increased peace, joy and well-being.









In the case of Ancestral Clearing for animal companions, this may help with traits passed on genetically such as health issues,  abuse, victimization, trauma, misuse, inbreeding or oppression of animals either in this lifetime or anywhere in their linage.



1 Hour ~  Ancestral Clearing | $160

90 Minute ~ Ancestral Clearing & Channeled Reading | $235

3 Session Package ~ Ancestral Clearing | $450




To book a session, please contact me at

Let me know the best day / date and time (Monday – Friday) and what type of session you would like.

With Love, Blessings, Joy, Health & Abundance,



Sending you Love and Blessings

Sending you Love and Blessings













All information, suggestions and recommendations made by Eluv are for reference purposes, and do not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment, and is not intended for self diagnosis or to substitute advice or treatment given by a pharmacist, physician, vet or other licensed health-care professional. Contact your licensed health care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. Sessions with Eluv are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition or disease. Eluv will not be responsible for the misuse of her suggestions and comments or for the relief or lack of relief of symptoms.