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“Thank you so much for the channeled reading. I noticed after how much lighter my heart felt! I saw a huge difference in the intuitive art I created after our session. I think the ancestral clearing worked wonders.”
Thank you,
Christine E

My name is Coleen and I had the pleasure of joining the Sound Healing workshop yesterday at Yogani.  I was over towards one of the two gentlemen in the class, I had a green tank top on. I most certainly had to send you an email and tell you how wonderful you and that entire workshop truly was and how blessed I feel to have been able to join something so wonderful. I had been wanting to attend your workshop for quite some time and just kept putting it off really, for no good reason.  Im so glad that I finally came and I really just cant stop saying Wow!

When I first walked out of that room, I had so many emotions that came to the surface, I was crying and had no idea why….I asked myself as I walked out, its not like I was sad by any means….When I got into the car and as I drove home, I felt like I was still in that “altered” state (if that makes any sense).  I was so jazzed up when I got home and couldn’t have expressed more gratitude and excitement to my husband and mother both as I told them. I seriously couldn’t tell enough people and have told everyone they must come with me, lol.

Today I have such a “lighter” feeling, its weird and hard to explain but such a great feeling….its intoxicating 🙂

Just thank you…You are truly an AMAZING person.  I will definitely try to come to your next one at Yogani as well and hopefully have people with me to join.

Coleen McGrath



Subject: positive message for Eluv
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 13:14:06 -0400


Dear Eluv,


Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  I have used your Chakra meditation for almost the last year, and feel the healing flow from this beautiful CD I have also given this CD to several of my clients (I’m a massage therapist.) I also silently say the affirmations during sessions on behalf of clients, knowing that the envisioning is heard by their subtle bodies. I have also given this CD to a treating doctor who has been open.


I especially love the sacral chakra mediation: “I assimilate and digest all that comes to me, using both the positive and negative equally to nourish and nurture me I integrate both equally, knowing that both are energy that can be used positively.” I am able to apply this wisdom now in the moment, however challenging.


The more people who listen to your meditations, the more beautiful this world will be, the more we will raise our consciousness, and the more we will heal ourselves, each other, and our beloved earth.

Your voice is a gift to me and to all who listen to your meditations. I have come to associate your voice with one of my spiritual guides and picture, as I meditate, an angel in the room with me. After a long day, I lie on the floor between two comforters in the dark and do the long version of the Chakra meditation. These meditations go very deep. I also use the short version during a twenty minute yoga workout.I know that listening to the Chakra meditation has changed my life and my treatment. As you say, “I let go of my need to react negatively.”I also love “I can now release my fears, replacing them with creativity and understanding.” And with many of my clients, nurses, and one doctor in particular, I have shared the phrase “I activate my personal power to attain positive solutions.” They all love these words. How could they not? The Chakra meditation is deeply powerful. Each session, I am renewed and re-energized, washed clean and purified.

Eluv, you are using the gift of your voice, your wisdom, and your experiences to bring healing, light and love into the world. That is a gift. I also love each specific affirmation, and how, because you do not go too “new age”, no one, including the scientific community, can find fault with your affirmations. The affirmations are clear, pure and firmly rooted in wisdom that cannot be quarreled with.


Your CD has deepened and helped my treatment and my life.


Peace and Namaste,

Nila Webster


Testimonial from attendee Jen Wiley  – Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Journey with Eluv

name: Jen Wiley
state: FL
country: US
profession: Clinical Research Manager and Yogi

My first crystal bowl sound healing with Eluv was in August 2010; it was after a really great Prana Flow yoga class, so I was ready to dive deep.  At that time in my life, I was feeling a lot of work stress and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill was having an enormous negative impact on my mental/emotional health.  I grew up in lower Alabama, lived for some time in Louisiana, and now living in Florida, I felt that my environment was wasting away.  During my sound healing, Eluv played some music with sounds from whales and dolphins.  I listened with my heart and heard that things were going to work out, it would be difficult, but the sea would be OK.  I started crying as I was laying there and I kept my heart open to this healing journey.  The journey ended with one last long crystal bowl sound and right at the end, energy literally shot out of my entire body.  I felt sparks leaving my body and felt incredibly lighter.  At first it scared me because I had never felt anything like that before, but after the very initial shock of it, I allowed myself to enjoy it and float with it.  It was the most amazing feeling in the world!  Afterwards, I just began to cry/sob uncontrollably – it was like all this pain and sorrow that I and the ocean had been feeling, was finally being let go.  It was that healing journey that led me to register for Prana Flow teacher training and to seek out crystal bowl healing whenever I can.  It speaks to you if you open your heart and it’s wondrous.  Thank you Eluv for allowing me to share and for sharing your beautiful soul with us!




Name: Paul K (last names omitted for privacy)
State: Florida
Country: usa
Profession: Spa Owner


Hi There 

I greatly enjoyed the Crystal Bowl Meditation and wanted to give you feedback.

For about 4 days I could feel and even somewhat hear the frequency well. I felt like I was operating at a higher vibration and the after effects lasted longer than past meditations I’ve done. I was surprised how even several days after I could reference that feeling / tone in my mind.

Thank you for the wonderful experience. It won’t be the last! 

With Gratitude ~

Paul K