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Hey will you help support  WMNF  Membership drive today for Eluv’s Ultrasounds Radio show

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Listen Now~ Ultrasounds Radio Show


Hey everyone,  its that time of the year when I get to practice the art of  asking and receiving (A & R) .

I have an enormous amount of respect for the “act of asking” and “receiving”.  For many it is easier to give than it is to ask… a lesson of great importance.

There is a guy who calls every week into the show, and he asks to be put on hold so he can listen to the show coming through the phone. Perhaps he doesn’t have a computer or radio to listen on, and somehow he figured out that if you get put on hold, you’ll hear the music that’s playing on air. He is always gracious and kind when he calls. Most of us don’t have to ask to listen to the radio, we just go to our computer or radio or cell phone and tune in…There is something potent about asking for what you want with confidence, and he is a very good “asker” and receives with joy. I feel blessed when he calls and asks to be put on hold…his sincerity is truly a gift. You see, his asking is also a gift, as it allows me the opportunity to give, connect and share music with my fellow brother.  When we ask, we allow another to give, its an exchange of energy and both receive.

Giving is not really about an amount or thing given or even money. In the big picture it’s really about intention, connecting with each other and the act of giving with your own flair in your own way. An impulsive & creative spur of the moment random kindness can be brilliantly illuminating. The thought of reaching out to support each other is quite appealing, somewhat liberating and heart opening. To me this is sharing love for each other.  One of my vehicles to share love is through music…


WMNF’s Summer Membership Drive is happening right now…

Our goal is to raise our $800 goal today & tomorrow.  Your support helps keep this show on the air!

To support Ultrasounds Radio show Please Click here

There is enough passion here on this radio show to fly an airplane…so if you are inspired by another’s passion, you’ve landed in a sweet spot. If you are inspired by love, there’s plenty of that here too:) Its all about love…all there is is love and there’s love vibes coming to you right now.

For those of you inspired to share the love and spread the word about the Ultrasounds radio show with your family and friends, please take a moment to share the link to the show wherever your heart desires.

Here is the link to listen to Ultrasounds.
Ultrasounds on FaceBook

For all who take a moment to support the show, much gratitude…thank you for taking the time to do so.  I feel your love.

I am blessed and honored to be able to serve you all through this show.

Love Love Love and Gratitude ♥♥♥



About WMNF 88.5FM and The Ultrasounds Radio Show

I feel truly blessed to share positive uplifting music and interview guests from all over the globe with you. Your continued support means the world to me.

My hope is that you will be inspired to support this show even if you are a new listener, or have simply happened upon this post and  feel the love here:)  ♥♥♥

WMNF’s fund-raising efforts benefit and enhance the station as a whole by providing an essential and important source of revenue allowing us to stay on the air.

Ultrasounds provides our community and listeners via the web, with special programming that is unique to this show, and cannot be found elsewhere. Ultrasounds positive programming is intended to uplift listeners, while appealing to a broad cross section of demographics and age groups.

Your support is requested right now and is deeply appreciated. To support Ultrasounds Radio show 

Please Click here now to help us make our Membership drive goal of $800 this week. 

Whether you are a long time supporter of Ultrasounds or a brand new listener/supporter, your support is essential to the continuance of Ultrasounds and WMNF 88.5fm radio station.

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted ~ Aesop

Join the  “Circle of friends” WMNF membership for $5 per month (or higher -you choose the amount) is a great way to support and join the WMNF community and support the show. Please Click here or call WMNF at 813-238-8001.

We depend on generous (or whatever you can give) donations for everything we do. Your gift to the Ultrasounds Radio Show and WMNF 88.5fm allows everyone the ability to explore new ideas and new worlds through innovative programming. Your donation directly helps us bring you the quality shows you’ve come to expect from WMNF. Make your tax-deductible gift today.

Deepest thanks & appreciation for all your support for the Ultrasounds Radio show on WMNF. 88.5 fm


PS We have many wonderful Thank You Gifts for those supporting…

For a $100 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show.

“The Animal Talker” Sue Pike from NYC has generously offered  a full one hour animal communication session. (There is only one of these avail) (Value $125)

For a $500 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show.
MN8multimedia, Tampa Production Studio (works with Discovery Channel, Sony,MTV) has generously offered  a 2D or 3D animation of your logo (Value $1,200) or


For a $100 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show.

Local Photographer & Artist ~ Bob Pomeroy has generously offered

Infrared landscape photos of Cahokia. 8×10 prints on aluminum plate. (2 Avail)

See Bob’s art here:

Cahokia is a major complex of indian mounds near St. Louis. It was a major Native American Indian ceremonial site.

For a $60 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show.
I’m offering my own healing music CD’s and Guided Meditations

CD ”Letting Go” Guided Meditation and Visualization by Eluv-for clearing negative energy

CD ”Chakra Meditation”and Visualization by Eluv

CD “Surgery Assist”  Pre Surgery Guided Meditation and Affirmations

CD “Octaves of Light”  Healing, Relaxing Music

CD “New Beginings”  Crystal Singing Bowls & Ocean Waves~Healing, Relaxing Music


For a $30 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show.

Author, Robert Kopecky has generously offered his brand new book~“HOW TO SURVIVE LIFE (AND DEATH)” A Guide for Happiness in This World and Beyond

(Emmy nominated art director. He designed the credits for Showtime’s Weeds, art directed Word World for PBS Kids, and has illustrated for The New York Times, Sports Illustrated)

Have you ever found yourself doing something you never imagined you’d be doing? Something you could never have foreseen in your wildest imagination? That’s how Robert Kopecky felt writing this book about things no one wants to talk about, inspired by experiences he never dreamed of having.

Robert Kopecky has had not one, but three near-death experiences. How to Survive Life (and Death) is grounded in these different experiences. This meaningful and unexpectedly fun “how-to” book is a curative, educational, and serious look at what to expect from death and how best to live in preparation for it – whether death is tomorrow or forty years from tomorrow.


For a $90 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show.

Dr Rose Honor (Acupuncture Physician) has generously offered 1 Free Initial Acupuncture consultation (includes muscle testing and other energy medicine modalities) (Over $100 value)

Location: The Ancient Wisdom of Yoga – Tawyoga
10209 Gibsonton Dr. Riverview 33578.


For a $90 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show.(3 avail)

Dr. Mary Lowther has generously offered a session of NET, a value of $100 to the friends of  WMNF radio station and Eluv’s Ultrasounds Radio show listeners.

Dr. Mary is a certified Neuro Emotional Practitioner. Her unique bend of a mental health background and as a Doctor of Chiropractic led Dr. Mary to explore the emotional factors of health and illness.

Do you ever ask yourself….Why did I act that way? Why do I do that? I know better than that!” How come knowing the right thing doesn’t always lead to doing the right thing?  You think you’ve got it. You think it makes sense…but inside you are still confused. The psychology is working but the physiology is hurting.You can sense something isn’t quite right…phobias, headaches, pounding heart, upset stomach, depression, short temper, fatigue, panic, general anxiety are some of the symptoms of being “stuck”.

Neuro Emotional Technique or NET is a safe, scientific, and simple way to access the Unconscious. This elegant technique helps identify the “hidden” stumbling blocks of repetitive undesired choices which may result in dis-ease and self sabotage.

NET helps to remove these blocks to the natural ability of the body, “allowing” the body to repair itself naturally.

For more information, please check out Dr. Mary Lowther’s web site at 


For a $400 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show. 

GREEN” HOUSE CLEANING generously offered by MOP FROG


1 initial service visit which includes a thorough cleaning of the entire house and 1 follow up standard pad visit where we would come back again and service them within 3 weeks of the initial service visit. (value $300)

For a $300 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show. 

PACKAGE #2 (there are 2 of these)

1 stand alone initial “Green” house cleaning service visit (valued at $250 each)



For a $150 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show

Dan Mockensturn at Mach 1, has generously offered a PROFESSIONAL RECORDING SESSION (There are 2 of these only)

1 Hour Recording session at Mach 1 Productions

It is a production studio with Protools and 3 recording booths. The session will include Dan the engineer who has worked at the studio for over 15 years and has experience teaching, recording and performing music and post production for numerous projects. Call and talk to Dan before you come in to use your time to discuss your project so you can get the most out of the studio experience.

VALUE $100 each hour

Dan Mockensturn
Mach 1Productions

9A-6P M-F
1101 N. Himes Ave.

Tampa, FL 33764


For a $300 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show. 

Raydiance Helio Spa has generously offered a Spa Package  (Value $260)

1 Deluxe Facial with Sandra and a hydration station ($100 value)

1 Lumiere photofacial treatment ($35 value)

5 individual free weeks of tanning ($25 value/total $125)

Raydiance Tanning & Wellness

122 South Howard Ave
(813) 251-8121



For a $150 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show.(3 avail)

DJ your own 1 Hour radio show Live on WMNF 88.5 FM!

I will run the board for you …Simply bring your tunes and you’ll be live on air doing your own radio show!

For a $300 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show.(3 avail)

DJ your own 2 Hour radio show Live on WMNF 88.5 FM!


For a $120 contribution to Ultrasounds Radio Show. (1 avail)

MASSAGE by: Facilitated Therapies – Relaxation & Wellness Spa

One hour healing relaxation massage with Kimbery French

value $60.00 each


Facilitated Therapies – Relaxation & Wellness Spa
1201 S. Highland. Ave #5
Clearwater, FL 33756




**If you are a company and would like to match gifts, please let us know asap.

**PS please let us know if you have a special dedication to someone / something special on behalf of this contribution you would like mentioned on air.

**Thank you for investing in, supporting and sustaining your local, global, live community radio station!

Love, Love, Love




Krishna and Kalki –

Strategies For Protection and Advancement in Kali Yuga (Spiritual Winter)
First a short Panduranga Puja then a workshop:
Presented by Satyabhama Ashley-Farrand

In Kali Yuga, Spiritual Winter, things are grim. Sanskrit scriptures written hundred of years ago tell of a short life, physical and mental diseases, fighting for food, and other difficult conditions. According to those scriptures, we are in the beginning stages of Kali Yuga. Some currently live in an oasis of plenty, but most of us are looking over our shoulders at a host of potential personal and world problems.

 When Krishna left just over 5,000 years ago, he said that he would not leave us adrift. He would send help in a variety of ways. Temple statues/murthis would be empowered. Saints and sages would take birth to help humanity survive and evolve. And spiritual formulas would be available to bring help to individual, families and nations.  

 This workshop will explain about Panduranga and the Vishnu/Krishna energy in spiritual winter. There are stories about what Panduranga is, how to invoke Panduranga’s energy, the connection of this energy to the Kalki Avatar, and how he is connected to Krishna.

 Additionally, mantras for Subramanya, Venkateshwara and others who have promised to help during Spiritual Winter will also be presented.

Event Information

Date:  July 27, 2014
Time:  1:30-4:30 pm

Place: Chi Yoga
3845 Northdale Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33624

Workshop fee $55, $60, if paid at the door.
To register, email
LeShan Barrios
leshan.barrios at

Year of the Horse ~ 2014
Year of the Horse 2014

Year of the Horse 2014

Horse symbolizes power and freedom of movement

Horse is one of Chinese favorite animals. Horses provided excellent speedy transportation for people before automobiles. Horses can give people a ride to their destination. Therefore, Horse is not only a symbol of traveling, but also a sign of speedy success. Horses possess qualities of power, passion, leadership and are competitive. There is a lot of activity in the air this year, creating busy schedules while working towards attaining goals and also enjoying social activities. 

“Horse” time in Chinese horoscope is from 11am-1 pm thus connecting the Horse to heat and the color red. In China horses were not allowed to do farm work. Instead, all the farmland jobs went to Oxen. Why? because Chinese have higher view of horses. The Chinese consider Horses are an ally to humans helping humans to win the battle. Energetically speaking this ‘battle’ can also be internal struggles,limiting beliefs, rigidity, and any type of outworn systems. This year provides abundant energy to eliminate and clear these things. 

There is a flurry of energy present with “Horse” energy  running wild, often changing directions. So things can seem rather intense at times and very changeable.

Unresolved Karmic lessons are coming up to be cleared and are intensified by several planetary alignments and aspects which are pushing these karmic lessons to the surface.

This Horse energy can help you get unstuck, and move out of old patterns that no longer serve or empower you. This frees up your energy to gallop forward with freedom and confidence.

Eluv Eluv backstage at Ruth Eckerd Hall prior to performing Beatles Tribute with Cheap Trick and Donovan
Eluv backstage at Ruth Eckerd Hall prior to performing Beatles Tribute with Cheap Trick and Donovan


Eluv backstage at Ruth Eckerd Hall prior to performing Beatles Tribute with Cheap Trick and Donovan

Eluv backstage at Ruth Eckerd Hall prior to performing Beatles Tribute with Cheap Trick and Donovan

Crystal Healing Prayers



What are Crystal Healing Prayers?

These are prayers done during a Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Journeys and Healing Music Concerts on behalf of a loved one, for yourself, or for someone else.

Focused prayers with crystal healing energy are sent to those who need our assistance but whom are not physically present at the event. Prayers sent with the Crystalline energy of the Singing Bowls are amplified with intention, color energy, sound healing, and can be sent to people, animals, and even places.

Basically anyone, anywhere or anything can benefit.

“The energy of the prayers are captured in the sound healing emanating from the crystal singing bowls and sent to benefit the receiver”


Please note:

Prayer requests must be received and completed by 2pm on the 3rd Sunday of the month, any received after this, will be honored the following month.

There is a set time when the Crystal Healing Prayers are  sent to those who are not physically present at an event..

When: The prayer sessions take place on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

Time: 4:30-6pm PM Eastern Standard Time

Where: During the Live Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Journey and Healing Music Concerts with Eluv

Energy Exchange: No Charge

If you wish to make an offering click here  Feel free to give any amount ~ as your heart desires.


To register for Crystal Healing Prayers
Please email the name of the person the prayers will be sent to here: radiant at (use the @ sign)

With Love, Light,  Blessings and Joy

For Upcoming Events please click here

“No one particular religion has been able to secure the exclusive rights for the power of prayer. No matter who you are, we all have the ability to take advantage of this amazing and wonderful power. Once you realize this, you will then be filled with the desire to help others realize this as well. More and more people are resonating with this understanding, and this could result in a more wonderful future for mankind. (165)”
― Masaru Emoto, “The Secret Life of Water”