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HEALING MUSIC CONCERTS with Eluv March 2015 Events

March 2015 Events

“Awakening into the Sun” Festival 









I’m performing 2 events…


Sat March 7th – Healing Music Concert 3-4 pm

Sun March 8th – Kirtan Concert with “InChant” 2-3 pm


For Details Click here

Location: South Straub Park,

250 Bayshore Drive Northeast,
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Its a free event in the park by the water!


Healing Music Concert

Sunday March 15th

Eluv Playing Crystal Singing Bowls by Candlelight

Eluv Playing Crystal Singing Bowls by Candlelight










Join me for a rejuvenating Healing Music Concert for optimal energy alignment & healing.

Come and receive Sound Healing by candlelight with Eluv’s blissful vocals, Crystal Singing Bowls, and Angel Harps. This event is all about “receiving”. As we “receive” we are able to give more fully of ourselves in turn. This in itself is immensely healing and balancing. Aromatherapy and flower essence therapy is also implemented. We will conclude the event with sacred mantra. Feel free to join in, or simply sit and enjoy. Bring your family and friends and share it together!

When we interact with crystal, our own crystalline structure is changed into a more harmonic, unified form, which changes brainwave frequencies, allowing the possibility of alterations in our consciousness and physical body to take place. These shifts allow increased clarity and light energy to permeate on all, healing the physical, emotional and spiritual energetic centers.

Location: Yogani Studios

1112 W. Platt Street
Tampa, FL 33606

Energy Exchange:
$25 pre pay


Healing Music Concert in a “Yurt”

Yurt Buddha









After the event will be a Pot Luck supper by the Fire.  

Please bring a covered dish, or wine, beer or beverage of choice

This event requires pre registration.

Call ahead to Reserve your spot (Space is Limited)  

Phone (813) 944-2291

(Event Hosted by Yoga Downtown Tampa)

Location: 1009 W. Peninsular St, Tampa Fl 33603

Energy Exchange:
$30 pre pay  or $35 at door

Yurt Photo 1







Ultrasounds Radio Show – New Page on Facebook

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Ultrasounds Radio Show ~ Thursday evenings 11pm-1am (EST)









Ultrasounds on 88.5 FM is a sublime celebration of exotic and beautiful music from around the   globe.  Plus on select shows: special live “Wisdom Interviews”

Listen Now~
The “Ultrasounds” Show on WMNF 88.5 FM Radio station in Tampa is in it’s 9th year of community service. Ultrasounds radio show can be accessed online anytime or locally on air at 88.5fm.

The show brings uplifting, positive vibrations through its exotic and beautiful music from around the globe and exclusive wisdom interviews, featuring spiritual teachers, visionary artists, healers, best selling authors, musicians, and other inspirational individuals.

I am both grateful and blessed to be able to serve through this radio show and offer my heart felt gratitude for your support and generous donations to the show and the station.

Support Ultrasounds Now & Help Keep Us On The Air

Listen Free Download online

Rasa-Lila Creative Yoga Weekend with Phillip Askew Presented by Yoga Downtown Tampa.
Eluv singing  & performing Crystal Singing Bowls and MBira at Unity St Pete

Eluv singing & performing Crystal Singing Bowls and MBira


Join us  for the Rasa-Lila Creative Yoga Weekend with Phillip Askew Presented by Yoga Downtown Tampa. Along with Lecture by Steve Rubin, iRest Yoga Nidra by Annie Okerlin & Crystal Bowl Sound Journey with ELUV.

Friday – 7:00PM – 9:00PM
Phillip Askew Assisted by Ivy Kaminer
Full Practice Yoga Class – A complete Circle, A Full Revolution

Saturday – 9:30AM – 12:00PM
Phillip Askew and Assisted by Ivy Kamineer
Incredibly Fun & Wildly Open – Backbends & Inversions Workshop

Saturday – 12:30PM – 1:30PM (bring your lunch)
Steve Rubin
Living the Path of Yoga

Saturday – 2:00PM – 4:30PM
Phillip Askew Assisted by Ivy Kaminer
Playing the Body Harmonic – Partnering & Assisting Workshop
*No Partner Required*

Saturday – 5:00PM – 6:30PM
Crystal Bowl Sound Journey by Candlelight with Eluv

Sunday – 9:30AM – 12:00PM
Phillip Askew Assisted by Ivy Kaminer
Perennial Practice Workshop

Sunday – 12:30PM – 1:30PM
Annie Okerlin
iRest Yoga Nidra

Full Practice – A Complete Circle, A Full Revolution –
Drop in and dig deep for Hip-opening sequences earthy, rhythmic, and momentous; yielding stability, sensuality, and satisfaction…. Open! to channel the superabundant Cosmic energy by Backbending in devotion and integrity…. Change your mind, change your perspective- experience the joy, exhilaration, and empowerment of Inversions…. Wring out your insides and Detox! with Twists… All in this master class, thematically layered & expertly timed to an emotional arc so as to illicit a powerful cathartic experience

Incredibly Fun & Wildly Open – Backbends & Inversions –
Rise up & experience the Joy, Exhilaration, & empowerment of Inversions, & their natural complement- Backbends, in this tremendously Energizing workshop. Open up, flip the script, & bliss out!

Living the Path of Yoga –
A candid, yet light and humorous, discussion bringing together the relationships of a broad range of topics within Yoga including:
– Yoga in modern times, its evolution (and dilution?)
– Key teachings from Patanjali Yoga Sutras, how to understand and apply them for our modern times
– Clearer understanding of the science of Hatha (Yoga), Ayurveda, and Prana (life force energy)
– From a Hatha Yoga perspective, the role/purpose/function of the practice of asana, pranayama, kriya, as a genuine path towards meditation.
– Key teachings from the Hatha Pradipika, and other recognized Hatha (Yoga) texts
– Understanding what is a balanced state of being, and common themes of how our modern lifestyle affects our balance.
– Does my practice (and how I do it) bring me closer (or further) from a balanced state (vata, pitta, kapha)
– Mitahara, and my relationship with food, and media.
– Mantra, chanting, ritual, kirtan, and how it fits in a comprehensive Yoga context

Playing the Body Harmonic – Partnering & Assisting –
Intention: Two or more bodies in Harmonic Union. Giving Yoga/ Receiving Yoga. Flying, Basing, Thai Massage, Yoga Assists. Sharing Yoga is a skill cultivated through Practice. Let’s get together! Encouraging trust-building, inner stillness, and applied strength, we’ll practice listening with the entirety of the body until we’re able to hear and feel the most minute fluctuations in the bodies of others. Poised between two worlds, in the balance and freedom that arises from a deeper understanding of our relationships to gravity, to our bodies, and to each other, we’ll access depths of trust and connection in a veritable still point between activity and receptivity, freedom and stability. This practice is not only lots of fun, but highly conducive to insights-both physical and emotional; safely supported, suspended between Heaven and Earth.

Crystal Bowl Sound Journey –
Crystal singing bowls are made from Quartz crystal. Our bodies are also crystalline in structure. When we interact with crystal, our own crystalline structure is changed into a more harmonic, unified form, which changes brainwave frequencies, allowing the possibility of alterations in our consciousness and physical body to take place. Infinite healing is possible on many different levels including physical, emotional, spiritual. Through sound healing, chakras are aligned and balanced to promote balance, well being, relaxation and rejuvenation of emotional, spiritual, and physiological functions. Essentially “Sound Healing” is used to promote healing at the cellular level. Sound Healing allows the listener to access, Alpha, Theta, and Delta brain state, where the body is highly receptive to healing and deep relaxation ,where transformation and inner peace are accessed.

This event is all about “receiving”. As we “receive” we are able to give more fully of ourselves in turn. This in itself is immensely healing and balancing.

Aromatherapy and flower essence therapy is also implemented during the crystal sound journeys. At this special event there will be several Reiki healers & Light workers present, sending extra healing energy and blessings to all attendees. We will conclude the event with sacred mantra. Feel free to join in, or simply sit and enjoy.

Perennial Practice –
A perennial practice changes with the seasons. In Winter, when there is scarcity of sun energy, we learn to gather up the energy of the Earth through the roots of the body and how to go inside. A Summer practice is a heart practice, wherein we’ll draw down the energy of the sum through leaves and branches, and we practice coming out to participate in the community. Spring brings the rains and the cleanse followed by blooming and blossoming. A Fall practice is a lung practice, a time for reflection and memory. Just as there is a spring of summer and a fall of winter, each season is contained within the others, though there is a different emphasis within each practice. A Spring practice has its emphasis on detoxing through twists and humidity- which is to say sweating. The blooming and blossoming that follows is achieved through backbending- a preparation for the full bloom of summer.

iRest Yoga Nidra –
iRest Yoga Nidra has been developed over the past twenty-six years by Richard Miller, PhD, a clinical psychologist, author, researcher and yogic scholar, and is uniquely suitable for a Western audience. iRest (Integrative Restoration) is integrative, in that it heals the various unresolved issues, traumas, and wounds that are present in the body and mind. It is restorative in that it aids its practitioners in recognizing their underlying peace of mind that is always present amidst all changing circumstances of life. By building a secure launching point for the body to come into a deep state of ease we are able to relax deeply into being with everything just as it is.

Bio’s of the Presenters –

Phillip Askew –

Poignant, poetic & playful, Phillip’s classes are a rhythmic and meditative flow of classic forms and techniques. Emphasizing awareness through precision, meditation in motion, and the art of conscious embodiment, they are a forum for the collective psychic experience and a pranic exchange. Imbued with meaning and metaphor, at an intersection of ideas from Eastern philosophy and Western science, they challenge the body, engage the mind, and quicken the spirit. Phillip began his yoga practice at 18. While a student at NYU, he developed a home practice from various books on Hatha Yoga. In the spring of 2004, he completed a 500-hour Ishta Yoga teacher training with Yogiraj Alan Finger. ISHTA is an acronym for the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, & Ayurveda. He seeks to integrate not only these methodologies but also the many various systems and practices contained within each. Soon after completing his training he was introduced to the arts of partner yoga therapeutics by his friend and mentor Simon Park. Phillip has sought & continues to seek out techniques and teachers from as many schools of yoga, philosophy, and medicine as he can manage. Living, working and studying in New York City, provides him a uniquely plural access to a great many yogas, including but not limited to Ashtanga, Iyengar, & Anusara; and he approaches Vinyasa yoga as, truly, an intersection of forms. Under the tutelage of Taoist yogi Nevine Michaan, Phillip draws on elements of Chinese medicine, yoga, & philosophy. He is, also, an avid student & devotee of Sri Dharma Mittra, and studies Thai Yoga Bodywork under Simon Park; he has also recently spent 3 months in India studying with Sharath Jois. Phillip leads workshops, master classes and retreats worldwide.


Ivy Kaminer –
Ivy grew up in Brooklyn and has her BA in Psychology from Eugene Lang College. She began practicing yoga in her early twenties and was certified by John Tamayo at Atmananda in 2007. Her influences include Jhon T, Dharma Mittra, Jivamukti (Rima, Ruth, Cassandra, Yogeswari, Uma), Kula, and Brock and Krista Cahill. Classes focus on precise alignment and breath. She hopes to create an uplifting experience that empowers students both on and off their yoga mats.


Steve Rubin –

Steve Rubin’s first step on the path of yoga began in 2001, like many 22 year old Americans, in the gym, starting with physical body and asana (posture) practice, attending classes regularly exploring a variety of approaches. After some time exploring and learning to work with the breath, he was drawn to spend most of his effort learning through the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. Jumping right in (or through) with both feet, his passionate interest, study, lifestyle changes, and steady growth in yoga has literally taken him all over the world (India, Thailand, Israel, Suriname, and throughout the US) in both study and then later teaching capacities.






Annie Okerlin –

Founder and director of Yogani Studios and the Exalted Warrior Foundation has been teaching locally for 12 years and nationally with the foundation for 6. Constantly expanding her knowledge, Annie pursued her iRest Yoga Nidra certification. She has presented Exalted Warrior adaptive yoga classes, designed to help the seen and unseen injuries of our wounded military, at Kripalu Center for Health and the Omega Institute. Her warm hearted approach to deep self inquiry allows joy to flow.








Recording artist, musician and radio personality Eluv was born and educated in Melbourne, Australia. Her background features multiple art modalities, with the focus on composing music, sound healing with Crystal Singing Bowls, live music performance, singing, voice overs and music production. Eluv creates beautiful inspirational music, guided meditations and sound healing for special events, commercials,recordings, film and television.




CEU’s available for Yoga Alliance registered teachers. Pose by Pose Yoga Teacher Training students may apply hours taught by Steve Rubin towards their certificate.

Location/ Venue: The Creative Loafing Space at 1911 N. 13th St. #W-200, Tampa, Florida 33605

More Information about Classes, Presenters, Travel, Hotels and Location –

To Register Online –

Eluv’s website