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Radiant Sol
Meditations for your Mind Body & Soul.

Powerful and Easy
Guided Visualization Meditations


How would you feel if you experienced any or all of these benefits?


Peace of Mind
Inner Joy and Happiness
Improved Energy
Clarity of Mind
Radiant Health
A Settled Heart
Increased ability to Transform negative emotions
Increased Vitality
Lower Stress
Improved Concentration and Focus
Clear Blockages and Manifest your Divine Purpose
Ultimate Relaxation


Plus easily reach a state of deep meditation and relaxation quickly?

The Power of Thoughts

Seeing, hearing and feeling positive images, thoughts and words, help shift our internal landscape. They help our brain spend more time focusing on what we do want rather than what we don’t want. It is a way to guide and train the mind forward in a positive direction and manifest positive outcomes. It is also a way for us to rewire your brain and experience the exact space where dreams can manifest, while old thoughts or un-empowering thoughts are replaced with fresh, new positive thoughts and feelings. Subtle memories from past affecting you either consciously or unconsciously can be cleared, and fears dissolved.

Extensive studies on the brain reveal meditating brings the brain into left and right hemispheric balance. “Feel good” or “Happy” hormones and chemicals are released into the brain during meditation bringing relief to stress, uplifting mood and decreasing pain. Increased learning, creativity and self-awareness are benefits of being in this enhanced deep meditative state. Negative feelings or emotions can clear and resolve with continued regular use of these mediations.


The state of your brain and mind not only contributes to your consciousness, but also to the way you handle stress, and how well or quickly your body heals itself.

It was previously thought that the brain quietens down as a result of meditating. While this is true to an extent, studies show other parts of the brain are actually activated simultaneously. The result is activation of our creativity and the ability to observe with heightened awareness while in a relaxed state. The “monkey mind” chatter slows down, and it makes sense that the brain can instead use this energy positively for healing, restoring, rejuvenating and balancing us.


Life brings all types of lessons to each and every one of us, and the lessons and challenges sometimes seem to keep on coming. We solve one issue then something else pops up to challenge us yet again. How can we change this? Do challenges ever stop? For each person life presents a different set of situations, and challenges. Challenges are simply a part of life, which provides us with the opportunity for new learning and expansion on many levels. The good news is we do have a choice of how we react to these challenges and our reaction to challenges determines how they affect us.


One thing we can do in the face of these challenges is to learn how to glide through adversity smoothly, with grace and gratitude. With regular use of these guided meditations your brain re-learns positive new ways of dealing with challenges. Over time your brain will become re-trained in this deep state of relaxation allowing you to feel better, over more of the time, until eventually feeling great becomes your regular state of being. These meditations help you glide more smoothly through life so that when situations come up, your reactions can shift in a way that is empowered with strength, grace and an open heart and less attachment to the situation.




Letting Go Meditation

Mediation & Guided Visualization

This is a simple yet powerful meditation for releasing, letting go of the things you no longer need or empower you and clearing negative energy. Use it often for regular cleansing and “letting go” to create the space for new things and new ways of being to come into your life and empower you. The soundtrack features the healing sounds of gentle flowing water, birds, frogs, and crickets recorded live in Florida’s tropical landscape, delicately interwoven with a deeply relaxing musical soundscape.

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Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation

Mediation & Guided Visualization


This meditation is designed to align your 7 essential energy centers, your Chakras.

Restoring balance in your physical and emotional body… Connecting you with a deeper sense of peace, and inner-strength…Rejuvenating your mind body & spirit...Grounding and relaxing you.


This CD has 2 different soundtracks with the same Chakra mediation. Version 1 of this meditation features the healing sounds of Dolphins gracefully interwoven with a deeply relaxing musical soundscape. Version 2, is without the Dolphin sounds. In both versions the music is tuned to the frequency of each Chakra.

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