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Radiant Sol
Music for your Mind Body and Soul.

The purpose is to illuminate our whole being, so we may transcend pain and suffering swiftly, and manifest the most positive vibrations each day in every way, and share this energy with others!

The intent of the music is ultimately to heal and bring the experience of grace, beauty and harmony into your being.

We use sound as a catalyst to bring us back into balance, so we may reach our true potential and optimal wellness.

The use of sound is the most ancient, efficient and profound method of changing our brain waves and altering our consciousness. Pre recorded or Live Music, Guided Meditations and Visualizations can dramatically affect the energy in your body and your space. Sound affects profound changes in blood chemistry and brain function. These changes are visible and can be measured in the activity of the brain or in the blood cells.

The vibration of sound within the body is like an internal massage. Each and every pore, cell, organ, muscle, gland, bone, and every part of your whole being receive this nurturing gift of sound healing energy.  As the sound resonates within your whole body, you may experience your energy changing as your vibration begins to shift. This is healing in action.

By changing your “frequency” you can achieve improved health, happiness and well-being. The brain generates electricity in different frequencies, which in turn correspond to different states of consciousness and states of health or dis-ease.

With the use of music and sound we can entrain and stimulate powerful activity in the brain bringing about states of deep healing, and rejuvenation.

When you shift your frequency you are re-programming your brain, your brain then responds by changing things internally and externally. The brain analyses the vibrations of sound and sends signals to the various body parts to correspond with these vibrations. Chemicals in the blood change quickly as they respond to our internal cues of relaxation or stress. The blood cells of a person who is stressed out, angry or unhappy looks and acts very differently than blood from a person who is happy, joyful and relaxed. In essence the various illnesses we have, begin as an emotion or perpetual state of being. Have you ever encountered a person who always seems to have drama happening? Or someone who is always angry and negative? Or someone who is sad or depressed a lot, or someone who always seems to lack direction or inspiration? Over time these emotions and perpetual ways of being are what make people sick. Each emotion is related to and affects a different organ in the body, for example, fear affects the kidneys, and anger affects the liver. Over time these organs become weaker calling on other organs to work harder. This can become a downward spiral leading to various physical and emotional complaints, which are all inter-related.

You can absolutely change your mind and your body from where it is now, to beyond your wildest expectations or perceived limitations.  When it comes to the mind, anything is possible, and there’s no limit to the greatness you are capable of, or the miraculous healing you can attain.


The vibration of sound has the power to
promote a state of liveliness, enthusiasm, serenity, inner peace, and comfort. It can also harmonize, rebalance, nurture, sooth, provide nutrition and positive stimulus important for the brain and blood cells, and relax, calm, and invigorate. Sound can also restore balance to our harmonic patterns, dissolve blockages, settle us, clear our energy centers, lift our spirits, empower us, heal us, and transform negativity into positivity.

By listening to the music and guided meditations you find here, you can relieve stress, help reduce pain, increase your awareness, make more empowering choices, improve the quality of your life, transform negativity into positivity, and re-pattern and exercise your brain.





Peace for your Soul
Joy for your Spirit
Love for your Heart



Octaves of light

Music for Relaxation and Healing

“Octaves of Light” is the first in this series of inspirational and healing music. Designed specifically for healing practices such as Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Healing Touch, Massage Therapy, EFT, Quantum Touch, Acupuncture, Reflexology, and any other healing modalities where high-quality healing music is used to accelerate the healing process, and assist in deepening the practice.



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Chakra Meditation

New Beginnings

Music for Relaxation and Healing

Eluv explores the depths of “new beginnings” and healing with the Crystal Singing Bowls. This inspiring ambient journey of healing sounds soars beyond the ocean to the place where angels dwell as Eluv skillfully weaves a pathway from the natural world into the sacred place where manifestation and healing live.

Entering the sonic tapestry of this music brings an energetic realignment and sustenance supportive to a new way of being, renewal and transformation. The Sounds of the Crystal Singing bowls refresh and cleanse, while the vocals soothe and the ocean nurtures.

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Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation

Mediation & Guided Visualization

This meditation is designed to align your 7 essential energy centers, your Chakras. Restoring balance in your physical and emotional body… Connecting you with a deeper sense of peace, and inner-strength…Rejuvenating your mind body & spirit...Grounding and relaxing you.


This CD has 2 different soundtracks with the same Chakra mediation. Version 1 of this meditation features the healing sounds of Dolphins gracefully interwoven with a deeply relaxing musical soundscape. Version 2, is without the Dolphin sounds. In both versions the music is tuned to the frequency of each Chakra.
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Chakra Meditation

Letting Go Meditation

Mediation & Guided Visualization

This is a simple yet powerful meditation for releasing, letting go of the things you no longer need or empower you and clearing negative energy. Use it often for regular cleansing and “letting go” to create the space for new things and new ways of being to come into your life and empower you.

The soundtrack features the healing sounds of gentle flowing water, birds, frogs, and crickets recorded live in Florida’s tropical landscape, delicately interwoven with a deeply relaxing musical soundscape.

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